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  • 教育特色 Fusion Education教師團隊 Teaching Team課程設置 Our Curriculum夏令營 Short-term ProgrammesGAP全球意識課程 Global Awareness Programme
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    St Bees Shijiazhuang Short-term Programmes

    入讀石家莊圣比斯學校的學生可優先參加英國圣比斯公學的冬、夏令營項目及合一教育集團旗下Our World English  School和Studio Cambridge的短期游學、語言學習和營地項目。營地包括劍橋大學的紐倫學院、露西·卡文迪許學院、雷德利霍爾學院、英國德威公學、英國威雅公學、國王伊利公學、雷頓公學、凱特漢姆公學等。

    Students admitted to St Bees Shijiazhuang are given priority to take part in the winter and summer camp programs of St Bees School in the UK, as well as short-term study tours, language learning and camp programs of Our World English School and Studio Cambridge.

    精品營地 Our World English School

    Our World English School自1989年以來,為全世界青少年提供高質量的夏令營課程及活動,每年夏天接待來自50多個國家的超過500名學生。所有營地均設在位于倫敦及英國東南部的英國精英公學中,營地周邊是風景優美的英式鄉村,營地設施齊全、管理完善,為青少年營造純正的英式夏令營體驗。

    Our World English School由英國教育委員會認證,提供高質量的暑期課程和夏令營,如:英語與活動夏令營,英語與足球夏令營,英語與戲劇舞蹈夏令營,英語與雅思考試準備夏令營等等。

    Welcome to Our World English Schools, providers of high quality summer courses since 1989. Over the last 30 years we have grown steadily, now welcoming around 500 students from over 50 countries each summer. Each year new groups and individuals join us and many return year after year.

    Our centres are located in London and the south East of England at prestigious schools with outstanding facilities.

    Studio Cambridge 劍橋書院

    劍橋書院創建于1954年,是劍橋歷史最為悠久的語言學校。 Studio全年提供語言課程和夏令營,此外還有全球領導力、創意社交媒體和舞蹈等專業化課程。每年7月至8月在劍橋大學內開辦夏令營課程。每年有來自近百個國家的學生在Studio Cambridge學習。

    Studio Cambridge is the oldest English language school in Cambridge, England. Our English courses attract students from all over the world who want to study in the professional and friendly environment of our language school.

    For more than 50 years, we have also provided camps for children and teenagers. We offer 7 summer camps and 1 year-round camp for young learners at schools and university campuses in Cambridge and South East England. We also offer online courses for students aged 8 and above.

    St Bees School Holiday Programme 英國圣比斯夏令營



    Here at St Bees School, we run phenomenal Autumn, Spring and Summer programme. Our boarding house, with 52 beds, is full to the brim of International, UK regional and local children, all experiencing a fantastic cultural exchange.

    In ensuring that our programme is enriched, we combine every day activities with multisports, as well as elements of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Students leave feeling inspired, energised and most significantly, slip back into school without the inevitable fall back of knowledge after a break.