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  • 關愛團隊 Tutoring and Mentoring System寄宿生活 Boarding Life學院制 House System學生課外活動 ECA
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    能力發展、關注學生的品格培養及軟實力的提升。 We focus on the development of students' comprehensive skills, character development and soft skills.

    石家莊圣比斯學校的關愛團隊由個人導師團隊及輔導老師團隊組成,個人導師負責學生活動組織及學生生活保障,輔導老師關注學生在校期間的綜合表現,組織學生參加各類課內外活動,幫助學生提高個人綜合素養、發展個人軟實力。 The tutoring system and mentoring system are separate and parallel, each serving a different purpose. The tutoring system is mainly for administrative and housekeeping matters. The mentoring system aims to address pastoral needs and carry out activities, which helps students to improve their character and soft skills.

    個人導師組織各類課內外活動,包括學習小組、早課及晚修、班級外出活動、學生生日會等。 每個班級配置三名輔導老師,每位輔導老師每周與學生溝通交流兩至三次,并對學生的表現情況及取得的進步作出詳細的記錄。 Tutors are in charge of organising activities, involving morning registration, GAP lessons, evening self-study and social events (birthday celebrations, class trips, etc.). Each class has 3 teacher mentors, and each mentor should meet his/her mentor 2-3 times. The job of the mentors is to closely monitor each student’s progress and act accordingly to rectify any problems. Detailed records are to be kept by the teacher for documentation, inspection by management and parents’ information.