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  • 關愛團隊 Tutoring and Mentoring System寄宿生活 Boarding Life學院制 House System學生課外活動 ECA
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    圣比斯獲得美好體驗的基礎 Boarding life is the basis for students to have a wonderful experience.

    每間宿舍均配有套房浴室 Our boarding houses are decorated in high standard with modern facilities. Each room has an en-suite bathroom shared by 4 people.

    石家莊圣比斯學校承襲英國圣比斯公學寄宿管理方式及教育理念,致力培養圣比斯學生的個性與學術平衡發展的能力,為以后在廣闊的世界舞臺上自信、優雅地生活做好準備。 St Bees Shijiazhuang follows the house management system of St Bees UK, which endorses the ethos of developing character and academic success in balance, so as to prepare them for a confident and successful life on the broad world stage in the future.

    • 住宿環境
    • 住宿環境
    • 住宿環境
    • 住宿環境