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    If you wish to study in St Bees School Shijiazhuang, please apply as follows:


    Step 1: Get to Know St Bees School Shijiazhuang

    您可以添加招生官微信、撥打咨詢電話或者通過郵件聯系我們以了解更多詳情。也歡迎添加我校公眾號(微信搜索“Stbees 石家莊圣比斯”),通過公眾號里內容,對我校進行了解。

    You can add WeChat for admissions officers, call us for consultation or contact us by email for more details. Welcome to add our school's official account (WeChat search Stbees Shijiazhuang saint by), and understand our school through the contents of the official account.

    招生熱線 : 0311-6666 0616

    Enrollment hotline: 0311-6666 0616


    Admissions officer Code: 


    Official account Code:


    Step 2: Visit Our School


    Through the contact with our school admissions staff, determine your visit time, number of people, as well as the key content you want to know.


    During the real visit of the school, we will confirm with you your actual admission intention. If you confirm your admission, you need to go on to the next step.


    Step 3: Admission Test


    After determining the students' willingness to enter the school, we will arrange entrance tests. For primary school students, the assessment content mainly includes oral English, mathematics and Chinese. They are mainly based on the level of difficulty corresponding to the child's grade.


    For junior high school students, the exercise test will be given priority to, the test content for Chinese, mathematics, English three subjects.


    Step4:enter Stbees School Shijiazhuang


    If your child passes the test successfully, please refer to the "tips for new students entering school" to pay the fees at the appointed time with your counselor, and carry the corresponding certificates to go through the enrollment procedures of the children.