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    Confirm admission intention with admissions Consultant.


    The admission counselor will help arrange the time to enter the school and know more about the students' situation.


    According to the actual communication, determine the admission time and other admission related matters.


    我們將定期每周開放 "個人預約制" 校園參觀活動,請感興趣的家長,填寫下方表格進行線上預約。 We will open a personal campus tour online registration, please fill the following form if you are interested.
    *請家長留意 -由于最近冠狀病毒疫情影響,所有的校園參觀須在公共衛生健康允許的條件下進行;屆時如遇到疫情等客觀因素,參觀安排可能會延后,請您密切 關注您的郵箱) 我們會在參觀前3-5天內與您取得聯系,確認您最終的參觀時間。

    We will contact you 3-5 days ahead before your visiting time to confirm your schedule.