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  3. 關愛團隊 Tutoring and Mentoring System寄宿生活 Boarding Life學院制 House System學生課外活動 ECA
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    House competition (團隊比賽)、學生社團、學生干部組織、公益活動
    Our ECA structure contains four programmes, namely the House System, Student Clubs, Leadership programme and Public Service.
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    團隊比賽 House System

    a. 全校學生(還有除了校級領導之外的員工)從入校那天起,就進入四個House中的一個(隨機分配),而且一直屬于那個團隊,一直到離校。

    All students (and staff except SLT members) are assigned a House out of four at random from the day they enter the school, and remain at that House until the day they exit the school.

    b. 每周三課后的ECA時段,4個House之間按照規劃進行各種比賽,主要是各種球類的比賽,也包括非運動類的比賽,比如智力競賽,英語單詞拼寫比賽等。

    Every Wednesday’s ECA time is devoted to House events, which are mainly inter-House competitions of one sort or another. While most of these competitions are of a sporting nature, i.e. basketball, football, ping pong, dodge ball, etc, there are also non-sporting games, such as spelling bee and general knowledge quiz. The House competition fixture is produced at the beginning of the year so that everyone knows what events are coming up.

    c. 每次比賽結束后,各隊按名次獲得House積分。全年House比賽結束時,積分最高的House的名字和獲獎年份被刻在House大獎杯上,并在自家展柜展示一年。

    After each competition, each House will receive points based on its standing in the results. At year’s end, the winning House will have its name engraved on the trophy cup and get to keep/show the cup in its trophy cabinet for the entire following year.

    d. 每周三,全校學生員工都穿上自己的隊服,在比賽時為自己House助威。

    Every Wednesday students and staff alike will wear their House colours and cheer their own teams on during the competition.

    e. 一年一次的全校運動會,也是以House為單位進行的。每個運動員都有機會為自己的House掙積分,在領獎臺上為自己的House贏得榮譽。

    The Sports Day competitions, held on one school day each year, will run in House units. Every athlete has a chance to win House points and honour for his/her House. Indeed they step onto the podium to accept medals/certificates, they are acclaimed by their House mates.

    學生社團 Student Clubs

    a. 學生社團在組織形式上分兩類:老師主導或學生主導。主導者申請組建俱樂部,獲批后如能招到足夠的成員,會根據需求得到學校經費。

    Student Clubs may be teacher led or student led. The club leader/organiser applies to form a club in a written form. Once approved and successful in recruiting enough members, he/she will run the club for a semester according to certain criteria. The club may be funded partly or wholly depending on competing claims for funds and the size of the earmarked budget.

    b. 每個學生每學期需要至少參加一個俱樂部,最多可參加三個(周一/二/四課后)。Each student must attend/run one club at the minimum as a progression/graduation requirement. They can attend a maximum of three clubs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    c. 俱樂部可以有很多種,只要有助于學生的健康、智力和情商的發展,都會被批準。俱樂部有運動類(瑜伽、足球、健身等),學術類(數學、科學、辯論等),文藝類(街舞、書法等),智力開發(圍棋、象棋、橋牌等)Student Clubs may be of different varieties, as long as they help support and develop healthy interests and abilities in students. They may be sporting kind (yoga, football, aerobics), academic kind (mathematics, sciences, debating), artistic kind (hip pop, calligraphy, origami), board games (go, chess, scrabble, backgammon)

    d. 主導者要在學期底(即社團活動結束時)進行一次匯報展出、演出或比賽。

    At the end of the club season, each club will have a culmination event, whether it is a competition, exhibition or charity sale.

    e. 如果有校際球類比賽,相關社團就是校隊,比如足球社團就是足球校隊,代表學校跟它校比賽。The sporting clubs may double as school sporting teams to compete against other local schools in whatever format available, i.e. members of boys basketball club will be school’s team. They will train during club time and may compete against other schools on weekends or at other times.

    f. 原則上,所有社團都是免費的。如果某個社團需要聘請校外專業人士來輔導,需要收費,主導老師或學生可以申請社團經費。但由于預算有限,產生的費用可能無法由學校經費覆蓋或全部覆蓋,這時如果成員自愿,可以自行付費承擔。尤其是高端校外的活動,如騎馬/射箭/游泳等,一般收費較高,會由學生/家長選擇自費參加。

    In principle, all student clubs are free to students. Any cost in running a club may be covered by relevant school budget. But if a cost is high, or the budget is exhausted, the organiser may ask members to voluntarily pay for expenses incurred. This may happen when an outside professional is hired to conduct training, or students go off campus to engage in horseback riding, archery, and such like.

    學生干部組織 Student Leadership Programme

    a. 學生干部組織包括:學生會、學長、House隊長、班干部、社團主導等

    The programme includes bodies: student union, prefects, House captains, class monitors, club leaders.

    b. 學生會是全校學生一人一票選舉出來的,通過候選人競選演講拉票,然后學生現場投票,產生學生會主席、副主席、文娛部長、外聯部長、宣傳部長等干部。學生會有自己的預算,并負責組織時裝秀、萬圣節活動、春節演出、慈善舞會等各種校園學生活動。

    Student Union is a body where its members are elected by popular vote of all students. Candidates conduct hustings to sway voters. There are five positions in the SU, which are chairman, deputy chair, head of entertainment, head of publicity and head of external relations. Each member may recruit helpers from the general student population for particular jobs. SU has its own budget, and is responsible for organising school wide events like fashion show, Halloween night, Spring Festival show, charity dance, etc.

    c. 學長團隊是由老師和校領導選出的學生干部,他們的主要職責是幫助學校開展工作,比如代表學校出訪、監管學生禁閉、主持全校集會、大批家長來校參加家長會時幫助他們指路,等等 Prefects are selected by teachers, all teachers that interact with them. Their function is to help school perform various roles, like representing schools outside, supervising detention, chairing assemblies, shepherding visiting parents on P/T conference days.

    d. House隊長由各個House的帶隊老師選拔出來,主要職責是負責組建自己House的參賽隊員,確保隊員準時到場,有水喝,有隊服穿,負責組成啦啦隊為自己隊助威,有的隊長還會組織賽前訓練等 。

    House captains are selected by House masters (teachers) on certain criteria. First year HCs are chosen after a two-day camp is concluded. New students camp is scheduled usually within the first month of the school year. HC’s main duty is to organise competitors for their own house to compete in upcoming House competitions. They also need to take care of team uniform, drinking water, cheer squad, etc. Sometimes they also organise training.

    e. 班干部由各行政班同學和班主任或導師選出,包括班代表(是學生委員會成員,每周一次跟校領導開會,提出問題、建議等)、生活委員(負責組織學生慶生)、宣傳委員(負責班板報)等等

    Class monitors are form class based and are chosen by form tutors/personal mentors, or a class vote (decided by form tutor). Positions to fill include class rep (member of junior council which meet with principal once a month to make representation of their constituents), social monitor (outings, birthday parties), publicity monitor (announcements, class display board)

    f. 社團主導申請組建自己的社團,并招收成員。

    見上 Student Club leaders. See above

    g. 由于學生干部位置眾多,將有五分之一的學生都會當某種干部

    About one fifth of all students will be holding a position of leadership of one kind or another.

    h. 學生干部的頭銜會在學校管理平臺上的個人信息頁顯示。

    All student leadership titles will be shown under his/her name wherever names appear on School Management System, and their work referred to in school reference letters.

    公益活動 Public Service

    a. 每個學生每學期要完成至少四小時的公益活動,否則不得升學或畢業

    Each student must complete four hours of public service each semester, or they will not be allow to progress or graduate.

    b. 公益活動可包括以下內容:

    Activities that count as public service include:

    i. 義賣,籌集善款捐給慈善機構或有需求人士,或收集有用物品進行捐贈(可在校園舉行

    Charity sale to raise funds for reputable charity bodies or people in need. This may involve donating or collecting items for sale and actual sale of goods on or off campus.

    ii. 輔導同學。用自己學科強項給有需求的學生進行功課上的幫助

    Using one’s strong academic knowledge/skills to help a schoolmate with his/her studies.

    iii. 幫助鄰居。比如,幫獨居老人或殘疾人士購物/做家務/作伴/陪散步等

    Helping a needy neighbour (elderly or handicapped person living alone) with shopping, house chores, walking a dog, or just keeping them company

    iv. 去當地老人院/求助中心慰問(可以由行政班為單位去)

    visiting old people’s homes or orphanages bearing gifts (this could be done in form class units)

    v. 清理公園/海灘等公共場所(學期末,所有未完成公益小時的學生統一去一個公共場所撿垃圾半天)

    collecting litter at a public place (beach, park). This is a catch-all method for any student who is in danger of failing to complete their public service duties near the end of semester. The school may organise a bus for such a trip.

    vi. Any other worthwhile deed.

    c. 所有公益活動需要學生提供證明,如照片/他人證詞/活動細節等,上傳學校平臺,相關老師核實通過.

    All public service actions must be supported by photos, testimonials, and detailed records entered or uploaded onto the SMS