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    為突出國際學校特色,圣比斯學校特邀香港著名設計公司—OOA 東西建筑公司,雕琢一所國際化環境的校園。OOA 曾獲得 2019 年英國 BUILD 期刊的最杰出現代建筑設計獎,該獎項被譽為“建筑設計行業的奧斯卡”。OOA 在設計上融合了圣比斯的傳統歷史感和現代化高端科技,并結合“以學生為本”的設計理念,讓學習隨時發生,體驗自由校園的便捷。 學校精心創設適合孩子發展需要且符合國際課程標準的硬件環境。 設施包括中國文化中心、藝體中心、創意中心、實驗中心、體驗館、游泳館、擊劍及馬術場地等。

    The main building of the Dongguan campus was designed by OOA, who were awarded the“Outstanding Modern Architectural Design” by the UK BUILD magazine in 2019, which is known as “the Oscars of the architectural design industry". OOA's design blends the architectural characteristics of St Bees School in the UK with the expectations of a modern futuristic international school, creating a sense of freedom through its space and layout in the campus. The spacious and bright central library embodies St Bees’s education approach of discovery based learning, creating the space to support independent studies and team work.
    St Bees Shijiazhuang will also work with the world's leading technology company to build the “Smart Campus” with cutting-edge technology, which will be providing a digital network for information, learning data center, digital library, remote education system etc, and will use holographic projection technology to bring children into the real classroom in the St Bees UK. This would help to build a more efficient, higher quality, more diverse learning environment for students. Safe campus digital intelligent management will also fully protect the safety of children.