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    盛夏結碩果,回顧成長路。Review the long journey.



    Summer represents growth and progress, our Summer Camp successfully ended! Over six days, The children had a warm place to belong and got to fully understand the meaning of teamwork. The students spent a week in an all-English summer camp, doing science education, interesting art drama, and abundant sports. Children discovered that learning can be fun and looked forward to the next lesson and the next activity each day.


    開口說英語Speaking English




    Many students have been learning English for a long time, but have poor oral speaking abilities, this can be a source of disappointment and confusion. Our summer camp was led by 5 foreign teachers, who accompanied the students throughout their study and life, so that they can naturally acquire and use English in an immersive bilingual environment.


    做中學科學Studying Science




    Our STEAM education is a practical interdisciplinary learning activity. By integrating the knowledge of different disciplines, students are encouraged to learn in a manner of fusion and integration, so as to cultivate their logical thinking and broaden their academic horizons.


    藝術培養審美Art Cultivation Aesthetic



    Arts and Crafts




    Teachers combine students' Chinese, mathematics and other knowledge to teach art using handcrafts. Students experience art surrounded by an English atmosphere, watching, listening and doing.

    Arts and Crafts





    《音樂之聲》是一部將愛、人性美通過音樂講述的音樂劇! 我們從中選取片段Doremi, 學生們在戲劇中自然習得英文,在表演中塑造自信和創造力。



    The Sound of Music is a musical about love and beauty! We selected the famous musical number Do-re- mi. Students learn English naturally during the play, and build confidence and creativity in the performance.


    運動帶來快樂Exercise brings happiness




    Football, cricket, Dodgeball and Olympic sports were all on offer during the camp. Rich and organized sports can not only train students' physical strength, but also cultivate their habits of abiding by rules, being aggressive, playing fair and building teamwork.





    孩子們的堅毅和成長令人動容, 每個少年都是值得相信的。圣比斯愿和家長攜手,共同把孩子們培養成有獨立人格和辯證思考的個體。感謝每一位家長的信賴,感謝你們敢于放手,給孩子們空間讓他成長。感謝每一位學生的努力,將來的你們會感謝現在每天都在進步的自己。


    The perseverance and growth of the children touches our heart, and every teenager is worthy of trust. We are willing to work with parents to cultivate their children into individuals with independent personality and dialectical thinking. Thank you to every parent for your trust and for letting go and giving your child the space to grow. Thank every student for their efforts. In the future, you will thank yourself for making progress every day.