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    “豫”你一起,同舟共“冀”|石家莊圣比斯學校公益組織與河南同行!Aid for Henan.


    Henan province was hit by the heavy rainstorm. The transportation and internet were cut off, and the city turned into an isolated island in a day. At the same time, people's relationships have been reshaped. Whether it is people in Henan supporting each other in the disaster, or people across the country actively offering help, everyone who gives a helping hand is warming Henan. When individuals are united, they have the power to make a difference. 


    Henan ‘island’ is never isolated as love creates miracles. The Public Welfare Unit of Shijiazhuang St Bees school acted immediately when they heard the news of the disaster. They started a fund-raising initiative to all teachers, students and parents. Everyone responded positively, and the steady flow of donations show the commitment and goodwill from everyone. 



    July 27,2021|2:58pm


    The Public Welfare Unit of St Bees School SJZ



    27606 yuan were donated through Henan Charity General Federation


    to disaster areas



    In the coming days, we will be closely following up on any news related to disaster areas. We are ready to help. 


    The leader of the Public Welfare Unit said: “We are deeply grieved by the sudden natural disaster in Henan, and we are closely following up on any news related to Henan. Our school leads the children to participate in public service activities, hoping that the children will develop empathy and become a person with love in heart.” 


    Charity and public service is one of the main themes of ECA, it is the expansion and extension of school PSHE Education, and is a way to train students to care for others and the society. 


    We will organise students to raise money by means of charity sales, fun running, theatrical performances, etc. We also encourage students to go to special need education schools and nursing homes to cheer up the lonely elderly. We will cooperate with social public service organizations to guide students to pay attention to vulnerable groups, animal protection and ecological environment issues.


     Former United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan said: “Remember that you are strong enough to help when the world needs you!”. We encourage our students to initiate their own little projects, through which they are able to learn the way of self-breakthrough and self-motivation with perseverance, and get the satisfaction that comes from working with others and serving others.