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    鄧黎 Shelley Deng

    圣比斯學校校長 -鄧黎 Shelley Deng

    Shelley擁有澳大利亞格里菲斯大學(Griffith University)教育學研究碩士,北京航空航天大學應用語言學碩士,上海師范大學教育學學士。是資深第二語言教育專家。旅澳十年,熟悉中西方教育、文化及思維差異。Shelley從事國際化教學教育管理工作近30年,先后曾在北京、深圳、上海、青島、沈陽、 武漢、昆明等地領導當地的優質學校創建及國際課程的管理。



    Shelley holds a master's degree in Educational Research from Griffith University in Australia, a master's degree in Applied Linguistics from Beihang University, and a bachelor's degree in education from Shanghai Normal University. She is an experienced second language education expert. Lived in Australia for ten years, Shelley is quite familiar in dealing with the differences between Chinese and Western education, culture and way of thinking. Shelley has been engaged in international teaching and education management for nearly 30 years and has led the establishment of local high-quality schools and the management of international courses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang, Wuhan, Kunming and other places.


    Shelley takes the inheritance, dissemination, and development of traditional Chinese cultural values as her own responsibility. At the same time, she has a global mindset can integrate the Chinese culture into daily school management. Shelley actively promotes the fusion of Chinese and Western education, and makes outstanding contributions to the internationalization of Chinese education.